About the $oneDODO

oneDODO is a community-based stablecoin backed by $DODO and $USDC, supported by ICHI.org. Now its treasury holds around $7m assets, mostly in USDC, DODO, and some “Collateral Positions” with oneDODO: ICHI

The oneDODO DAO is established to manage this treasury to maintain a healthy reserve rate of it, as well as to drive the growth of both oneDODO and DODO ecosystem, by “investing” the treasury funds wisely and safely.

The DODO DAO can perform any $oneDODO governance actions directly by passing a proposal, but a 4-of-7 multisignature scheme will be used for day-to-day operations. Two of the signers will be nominated from the ICHI DAO community, and four will be nominated from the DODO DAO community.

Any suggestions and proposals in favor of oneDODO are welcome here.