Amy Finance(Amy) DODO Arbitrum IDO - Whitelisting for vDODO holders

Whitelisting Application Form:

Application Period:Sep 17th, 2021 at 6:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore Time) to Sep 20th, 8:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore Time)

Minimum vDODO Requirement: 10 vDODO

Individual Hard Cap: 0.1ETH

Please NOTE:

  1. The whitelisting selection process is a lottery system. Once all submissions are received, a lottery draw will take place, which will determine which addresses make the whitelist, and the Amy Finance(Amy) team will notify you by email once this has been finalized.
  2. The top 20 applicants with the most vDODO holdings will be automatically added to the whitelist.
  3. You need to hold vDODO token instead of DODO token to qualify this whitelisting application, about vDODO token please visit: What is vDODO?

About Amy Finance(Amy):

Name: Amy

Official Website:



Telegram:Telegram: Contact @amyfinance

Medium:Amy Finance – Medium

Discord:Amy Labs

Amy Finance(Amy) Token Contact Address:

The Amy Finance(Amy) Crowdpooling post:


I can’t enter the whitelist link despite I’m vdodo holder.


me too
I can’t enter the whitelist link

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Sorry, this form is open for completion

Now you can fill in