Better DODO (ETH) IDO - Whitelisting for vDODO holders

Whitelisting Application Form:

Application Period: July 7, 2021 at 12:00 UTC+8 (Singapore Time) to July 11, 12:00 UTC+8 (Singapore Time)

Minimum vDODO Requirement: 10 vDODO

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 100

Individual Hard Cap: $500

vDODO Holding Bonus: Details will be announced once the application period is over.

Please NOTE:

  1. The whitelisting selection process is a lottery system. Once all submissions are received, a lottery draw will take place, which will determine which addresses make the whitelist, and the Better team will notify you by email once this has been finalized.
  2. The top 30 applicants with the most vDODO holdings will be automatically added to the whitelist.
  3. You need to hold vDODO token instead of DODO token to qualify this whitelisting application, about vDODO token please visit: What is vDODO? – DODO 234
  4. During or before the start of a Crowpooling campaign, vDODO holders are eligible to cast popularity votes for it by clicking the fire button on the project card. Each vDODO token represents one vote. Voting requires a sign transaction through your wallet, but it will not incur any gas fee. The popularity of a Crowdpooling campaign will increase as it receives more votes from users. The top 5 most popular projects with over 5,000 votes will be displayed on the Crowdpooling homepage.

About Better:

Better(BET) is a decentralized blockchain lossless prediction market, aiming to be the leading prediction market in the blockchain industry and to realize the predictability of everything.

Better deposits users’ funds into the compound, YFI, and other lending or yield-Aggregator protocols, and use the income obtained as a prize for the entire prediction market platform. The platform will regularly automatically allocate prizes based on the user’s prediction results and predicted voting weight after the prediction event ends.

Regardless of whether the user’s prediction result is correct or not, all users’ principal can be withdrawn at any time without any loss.

Better Token Contact Address:

Official Website: 5

Whitepaper: Better__A_Lossless_Prediction_Market-Whitepaper.pdf - Google Drive 1

Twitter: 1

Medium: 1

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @aBetterpm

Discord: Better

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