CCSwap Will Initiate IDO at 8:00 on April 25 (UTC)

Dear CCSwap&DODO users,

CCSwap (CC) is about to start IDO crowdpooling on DODO and support trading after it ends. A total of 160,000 CC Token will be injected into this crowdpooling. Also, CCSwap will make the whitelist public at 16:00 on April 24 (UTC).

CCSwap Details

Airdrop application form (CN): CCSwap 空投申请表

Token name: CC

Token contract address: 0xb7fbFf4Ce5200215c690cc95855e5d6C5236Ee9f

Total crowdpooling tokens: 160,000 CC

Exchange rate: 1 CC = 0.7 BUSD

Purchase limit per address: 400 CC


Starts at 8:00 on April 25, 2021 (UTC)

Ends at 8:00 on April 27, 2021 (UTC)

After the end, corresponding tokens will be distributed to your wallet. DODO will start trading of DEK/BUSD at the crowdfunding price.

Liquidity protection period: 30 days

IDO crowdpooling instructions:

  1. Before and after crowdpooling, please do not deposit to the contract address. DODO will not be responsible for your asset loss.
  2. If the crowdpooling is in progress, you can adjust your deposit amount at any time before it ends.
  3. If more than 100% of the funds are involved at the end of the crowdpooling, DODO will adjust the allocation according to the proportion of funds. The excess funds can be claimed together with your token.
  4. After the crowdpooling ends, if the participating funds do not reach 100%, the user limit will remain unchanged, and the additional tokens will be put into the market-making liquidity pool to initiate the market-making.
  5. Please be aware of potential risks involved in crowdpooling. DODO will not bear any economic losses caused by poor project management, additional token issuance, secondary market crushing, etc… Cryptocurrencies are of high investment risks, please participate in crypto investment within your own capabilities and you should undertake responsibilities for all your investments.

CCSwap is a decentralized lending AMM compound trading protocol, which is a DEX invested and incubated by CCFOX Labs. In addition to the conventional swap function, CCSwap also integrates features including liquidity mining, token loaning liquidity provision, on-chain perpetual contract trading, on-chain options trading, trade mining, multi-chain support, etc… CCSwap aims to provide users with a one-stop experience, catering to different needs of users for decentralized ecosystem. The ultimate goal of CCSwap is to combine CEX and DEX to create a new business form, namely, HEX (Hybrid Exchange).

Official website:

White paper:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ccswapchinese




About DODO

DODO is a decentralized trading platform and a new generation of on-chain liquidity solution based on the original proactive market maker (PMM) algorithm. DODO supports the market-making strategy of professional market makers and allows custom market-making parameters. Anyone is allowed to join crowdpooling to issue new crypto assets at a low cost.