Claim DODO (BSC) IDO - Whitelisting for vDODO holders

Whitelisting Application Form:

Application Period: May 18, 2021 at 12:00 UTC+8 (Singapore Time) to May 21, 12:00 UTC+8 (Singapore Time)

Minimum vDODO Requirement: 10 vDODO

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 30

Individual Hard Cap: $400

vDODO Holding Bonus: Details will be announced once the application period is over.

Please NOTE:

  1. The whitelisting selection process is a lottery system. Once all submissions are received, a lottery draw will take place, which will determine which addresses make the whitelist, and the Globe team will notify you by email once this has been finalized.
  2. The top 10 applicants with the most vDODO holdings will be automatically added to the whitelist.
  3. You need to hold vDODO token instead of DODO token to qualify this whitelisting application, about vDODO token please visit: What is vDODO? – DODO 234

About Claim:

Claim is a Defi protocol that adopts a new generation of stabl currency model - based on the credit stable currency model of Ethereum. It supports users to pledge their assets and generates stable currency cUSD for capital circulation. It adopts a dual urrency model, one is the stable currency cUSD, and the other is the equity and governance token Claim.

CLAIM Token Contact Address:0x13154efe79d4d7f86407d56f8f6a1b07fb0b80ff

Official Website:


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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @claimofficialcommunity

Chinese Telegram : Telegram: Contact @claimofficialchinesecommunity


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