Claim DODO IDO - Whitelisting for all Claim fans

Claim will do IDO on the DODO platform on May 23. Before that, Claim will air drop 188 whitelist addresses. The whitelist addresses will be lallocated through gleam competition.

Gleam competition Link: Time limited task of Claim IDO WHITELIST

Application Period: May 17, 2021 at 12:00 pm UTC to May 21, 02:00 am UTC

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 188

Individual Hard Cap: $400 (BSC) $800 (ETH)

Claim Holding Bonus: Details will be announced once the application period is over.

Gleam competition Introduction

Users with more than 100 entries in gleam competition will be ranked, and the top 188 users will get the whitelist quota.The allocation of whitelist quota is as follows:

1st - 63rd : 800 DAI whitelist quota (ETH)

64th - 188th : 400 DAI whitelist quota(BSC)

P roject Profile

Name: Claim

Claim is a Defi protocol that adopts a new generation of stable currency model - based on the credit stable currency model of Ethereum. It supports users to pledge their assets and generates stable currency cUSD for capital circulation. It adopts a dual urrency model, one is the stable currency cUSD, and the other is the equity and governance token Claim.

Venture Capitial for Claim: NGC Ventures,Silicon VC,Hoo Venture,C6e Fund,Vega Ventures,WaterDrip Capital, etc

Official Website:



Telegram: Telegram: Contact @claimofficialcommunity

Chinese Telegram : Telegram: Contact @claimofficialchinesecommunity


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Ethereum DODO IDO - Whitelisting for all claim fans
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