Crowdpooling Announcement Guide

About Crowdpooling

Crowdpooling on DODO is an equal opportunity way to distribute tokens and establish liquidity markets. The project team provides its project/governance tokens, and sets the token price and the amount of tokens to be issued. Anyone can subscribe to purchase the tokens during the campaign period.

Anybody can launch their own Crowdpooling campaigns on DODO via self-serve. Currently, Crowdlpooling campaigns can be launched on Ethereum mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, and Polygon Mainnet.

To learn more about DODO Crowdpooling

Creating a Crowdpooling Campaign

Crowdpooling campaigns on DODO are executed by smart contracts. Therefore, once officially launched, creators will no longer be able to reconfigure the parameters of their Crowdpooling campaigns, nor to cancel their campaigns. It is recommended for creators to make trial runs on Rinkeby Test Network before officially launching their Crowdpooling Campaigns.

How to Join a Crowdpooling Campaign?

How to Create a Crowdpooling Campaign?

Advertise for Your Campaign

Creators are advised to post announcement posts on DODO’s official forum via self-serve prior to the launch of their campaigns. Be sure to update the links of your campaigns in the posts once the pools become live.

Relevant resources and materials are as follows:

The DODO Forum (English)

The DODO Forum (Chinese)

Bonding Curve (Variable-price) Crowdpooling and Fixed-Price Crowdpooling

Crowdpooling Campaign Announcement Template (English)

Crowdpooling Campaign Announcement Template (Chinese)

Variable-Price Crowdpooling Campaign Announcement Template (English)

Variable-Price Crowdpooling Campaign Announcement Template (Chinese)

DODO Vending Machine (DVM)

DODO Vending Machine is a brand new way of creating liquidity markets and distributing token assets, made possible by our proactive market maker (PMM) Algorithm. With the help of DVM, project teams only need to provide project tokens, customize their price curve, without ceding liquidity for them.

Relevant resources and materials are as follows:

DVM IDO Announcement Template (English)

DVM IDO Announcement Template (Chinese)

DODO IDO Application form (for DODO Booster)


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