Crowdpooling GeoToken (GTK) is now open

We’re proud to announce that GeoToken crowdpooling is now open.

About the project

With the GeoToken protocol, you can drop tokens / crypto coins anywhere on the planet in a radius of about 100 meters together with a text message. It is possible to create coin based geocaching applications. Anyone can find and recover coins around the world! It is also possible to time lock tokens, so they cannot be retrieved for a while. This means your coin cannot be recovered until a certain date.
To drop and retrieve coins and tokens you need GeoToken. We call the retrieve process “mining” as it takes time to get coins back (0.0001 to 5% per minute).

More about the project at:


Crowdpooling is on BSC:

It is open until July 1, 2021

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