Genshiro DODO (BSC) IDO - Whitelisting for IDO participants

Genshiro will launch the IDO on DODOex on June 16. Users will be able to stake BUSD stablecoin in the crowdpooling module and receive GENS in return. GENS price will increase as the amount of staked BUSD increases. This approach is also known as Bonding Curve. Read more about our IDO here.

Every DODOex user can join the whitelist for this IDO. Chosen whitelist addresses will have a 100% guarantee to participate in the IDO. The whitelist opens on June 8 at 12 PM UTC and closes on June 14 at 12 PM UTC. We’ll announce the results of the whitelist on June 15.

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 450
Individual Hard Cap: 1000 USD
Tokens available for sale: 12,000,000 GENS

:exclamation:If you’re ready to join the whitelist, just complete the Gleam form here, then fill out the registration form here.

Not everyone who registers will be added to the whitelist! Our selection process will work on a lottery system. When all the registrations are received, we will draw random wallet addresses to add to the whitelist. The Genshiro team will notify participants by email once their whitelist registration is finalized.

450 addresses will be randomly picked and added to the whitelist. That means that there is a 100% guarantee that these addresses will be able to participate in the IDO.

Good luck!

Complete the Gleam form | Join the IDO whitelist | Participate in the IDO

Project Profile

Name: Genshiro (GENS)
Official Website:

GENS (Genshiro Token) 的白名单申请,后来收到了邮件主题为You won Genshiro’s IDO whitelist lottery on DODOex! 邮件,点击链接后到界面不怎么会操作结果操作错误直接用metamask钱包 地址0xE2e8B4D45deF71bfEFd67eC9c4D5dF7ffAC509AE 向0xb5022fa8ef7152183963af4bd436b24edfad66a3转了1002busd,后来知道怎么操作后发现我并没有在白名单内,没有认购额度。诉求:1.请查看我是否在白名单内 2.找回我误操作转的1002busd。

误操作交易id bsc 交易id 0xd8880e9d9f74b64275b3f196575bf1416b9dbfbca4fd83d1bb0d069b4d28d94c