Integral DODO ETH IDO - Whitelisting for vDODO holders


Integral (ITGR) will start a Crowdpooling campaign on DODO ETH on September 14th, at 08:00 PM UTC+8 (Singapore Time). The proceeds will be used to create a liquidity pool for ITGR after the Crowdpooling and users will be able to trade ITGR with arbitrary ERC-20 tokens on DODO. Read more here for more information.

If you would like to participate in the Crowdpooling, please submit your KYC document and fill in the application form below.

KYC document submission link: Verify with Blockpass

Whitelisting Application Form:

Minimum vDODO Requirement: 10 vDODO

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 200

Individual Hard Cap: 1000 USDC

vDODO Holding Bonus: Details will be announced once the application period is over.

Please NOTE:

  1. The whitelisting selection process is a lottery system. Once all submissions are received, a lottery draw will take place, which will determine which addresses make the whitelist, and the Integral team will notify you by email once this has been finalized.
  2. The top 50 applicants with the most vDODO holdings will be automatically added to the whitelist, but you still need to submit your KYC document with the link above.
  3. You need to hold vDODO token instead of DODO token to qualify this whitelisting application, about vDODO token please visit: What is vDODO?

About Integral :

Project Brief Introduction: Integral is an AMM-based decentralized exchange aiming to provide an on-chain trading environment for large-size orders (~$1mil). By including a price oracle, a trading delay mechanism, and a configurable curve, Integral AMM mirrors a global order book with one pool, synthesizes bids, and offers a price for the traders with concentrated liquidity. When quoted with Binance, Integral offers the better price 97% of the time (for a $1mil trade).

Official Website:

Whitepaper: White Papers - Integral


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @integralresistance


Discord:The Integral Resistance

ITGR Token Contact Address:0xD502F487e1841Fdc805130e13eae80c61186Bc98