Introducing the Parasset (ASET) Crowdpooling on DODO BSC on October 21th

Hello CommanDODOs,

Parasset (ASET) will start a Crowdpooling campaign on DODO BSC on October 21th, at 08:00 PM UTC+8 (Singapore Time). The proceeds will be used to create a liquidity pool for ASET after the Crowdpooling and users will be able to trade ASET with arbitrary BEP-20 tokens on DODO.

Crowdpooling on DODO is an equal opportunity way to distribute tokens and establish liquidity markets. The project team provides its project/governance tokens, and sets the token price and the amount of tokens to be issued. Anyone can subscribe to purchase the tokens during the campaign period.

If the overall subscription amount by participants is higher than the Crowdpooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens proportional to their shares of the pool at the initial price. At the end of the Crowdpooling period, the corresponding token liquidity pool will be created and open for spot trading.

Crowdpooling Information

Project Name: Parasset (ASET)

Token Contract Address: 0x591aaadbc85e19065c88a1b0c2ed3f58295f47df

Token Allocation Chart/Tokenomics & Distribution:

Total supply 100 million
15% Private Round
10% Team
5% Public Sale with IDO
70% Liquidity Providers

Total Number of Tokens Provided by Project Team: 400,000 ASET

Crowdpooling Token Allocation (Number of Tokens for Participants): 200,000 Token (0.1% of the Total Token Supply)

Crowdpooling Hard Cap: 100,000 USDT

Crowdpooling Token Price: 1 ASET = 0.5 USDT

Personal Hard Cap: 100 USDT

Crowdpooling Link: DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.

Whitelist Link:

Crowdpooling Start Time: 08:00 PM Oct 21, 2021 UTC+8 (Singapore Time)

Crowdpooling End Time: 08:00 PM Oct 22, 2021 UTC+8 (Singapore Time)

Liquidity Protection Period: 30 Days

Note: After the conclusion of the Crowdpooling campaign, Token Symbol tokens will be immediately sent to each participant’s wallet. DODO will then make the ASET available for public trading for any BEP20 at the Crowdpooing Price.

How to Participate

  • (applicable if BSC) Since this Crowdpooling campaign is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you will need to use a wallet application that supports BSC. Some examples are MathWallet, TokenPocket, and Trust Wallet.
  • (applicable if BSC) Please beware that you will need BNB on your wallet to pay for transaction gas fees. It is recommended that your balance is at least 0.05 BNB.
  • (applicable if BSC and BUSD) You will need BUSD in your BSC wallet to participate in this Crowdpooling campaign.
  • (applicable if BSC) Visit DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider. and connect your BSC wallet to the browser.
  • How do I switch to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on DODO?
  • How to participate in a Crowdpooling campaign?

Additional Notes on Crowdpooling

  1. Do NOT send tokens to or interact with the Crowdpooling contract address before or after the Crowdpooling campaign. Your tokens may be lost forever and DODO is not liable for any asset losses due to user contract interactions outside the Crowdpooling period.

  2. You can freely adjust your Crowdpooling stake amount at any time before the Crowdpooling campaign ends.

  3. If the total staked amount by participants is below the Crowdpooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens normally (i.e. the number of tokens received = the amount participants staked / token price). The leftover tokens will be put into the liquidity pool and become available for spot trading.

  4. If the total staked amount by participants is over the Crowdpooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens proportional to their shares of the pool, at the initial offering price. Any difference between the amount participants staked and the actual cost of the tokens (i.e., token price * the number of tokens actually received) is then refunded back to participants.

Note: Due to the flexibility of DODO’s Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, the opening price, once spot trading begins, can be equal to the Crowdpooling token price, even if the hard cap is not reached. That is, the opening price is not determined by the amount of assets in the resulting liquidity pools. How it works under the hood is that the PMM algorithm truncates part of the bonding curve and assumes that there is a certain amount of buying support in the market. Even if the amount of capital contributed by participants is low, the opening price can still be the Crowdpooling price, and the resulting bonding curve will have a minimum/floor price. Funds staked by users can then push the token price from the minimum price to the Crowdpooling token price.

  1. Participation in Crowdpooling is NOT risk-free. DODO is not liable and will not be offering compensations for any asset losses caused by factors such as project mismanagement, arbitrary and/or malicious token minting, and secondary market manipulation. Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk asset class, so please always proceed with caution and beware of various risks.

Project Profile

Name: Parasset (ASET) (embed the PR announcement link here, if applicable)

Official Website:



Telegram: Telegram: Contact @parasset_chat


October 12th, 2021

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I have click and read through all the links here.
I am thrilled by your disruptive approach at combining some of the best algorithms to deliver a disintermediating protocols.
But like every business, users are what products great.
How can we lead the NJ igeria arm of the project for your team a. I’ll love to collaborate.