Introducing Valuate Ventures (ValVe) Crowdpooling!

Hello CommanDODOs,

We are transforming promising companies into blockchainized innovative tech corps for initial investments of ValVe holders.

Valuate Ventures, No.1 Valuation-based Blockchainizing Company is going to start a crowdpooling campaign on DODO BSC from 10th July at 14:00 UTC+9(Korea Standard Time), and goes until 20th July at 14:00 UTC+9(Korea Standard Time).

We have 6 years of tech / startup valuation experience and have 42 experts in each fields and over 200 valuation cases solved including 14 Venture Capital investment projects.

The proceeds will be used to developing DeFi service on the website( DeFi includes Swapping, Exchanging and Staking and ValVe stakers will get opportunities of IBO(Initial Business Offering) and can get new delivered promising tokens earlier than any others. The process will be made within 3Q - 4Q in 2021.

Token Information

Crowdpooling Link:

Crowdpooling address: 0x670b6296814842583e0343e477665d1acabd3007

Token Information

Token distribution ratio and unlocking rules

  • Initial offering: 20%

  • R&D: 20% (released over 60 months.)

  • Liquidity: 20%

  • Community rewards: 10% (released over 60 months.)

  • Team: 20% (Locked for 6months, released over 54 months.)

  • Investors & Advisors: 10% (Locked for 3 months, released over 24 months.)

Long-Term Strategies for Depletion & Value Up

  • 1% of transaction fee will be distributed to all ValVe holders automatically, don’t lose it!

  • Another 1% transaction fee will be use to invest ValVe startups for their ‘J’ curves.

Other Information

Crowdpooling Start Time: 14:00 10th July, 2021 UTC+9 (Korea Standard Time)

Crowdpooling End Time: 14:00 20th July, 2021 UTC+9 (Korea Standard Time)

Liquidity Protection Period: 30 Days

Open up the Valve and Light up your investments!


The purchaser of ValVe utility tokens understands and accepts that Valuate Ventures has no intention of substituting the purchaser in the knowledge that the latter must hold for his/her purchases on the crypto-active market. In purchasing ValVe utility tokens, the purchaser shall be solely responsible for his actions and shall be deemed to have understood, at all times, the consequences of his/her actions, and to have been aware of the conditions of the crypto-active market. The Purchaser understands, accepts and acknowledges that ValVe shall not be liable for the loss of tokens, piracy, and/or any other situation whatsoever that may cause the Purchaser to loose and/or to access his/her tokens where such loss results as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any act or omission on the part of the Purchaser.