May 19 $BEONE Crowdpooling Launch- Airdrop for vDODO holders, Tokenomics, more info

May 19 - Be One is offering the $BEONE Crowdpooling fair launch hosted on Dodo with airdrop for vDODO holders.

Background: Be One is a challenger bank for the global crypto community. We are regulated and offer crypto and fiat in one account, with DODO and other coins directly in the account. $BEONE Crowdpooling will support the growth of more DeFi integrations and products directly linked to your banking services.

More Info:

$BEONE is part utility token, designed to better service customers and allow them to pay for services, and part reward token incentivizing use of various services on the Be One platform.

$BEONE Tokenomics are:

Total $BeONE Token supply: 100,000,000
Circulating supply at launch: 0 $BEONE — Be One is bootstrapped and has no VC investors

Token distribution will be:

  1. Be One User Rewards: 52,260,137

     Used mainly to incentivize users of various Be One products
     Term: Liquid on airdrop
  2. Treasury: 26,500,000

     Used to build the operations, strategic partnerships, and support community engagement, etc.
     Term: Unlocked as needed
  3. Be One Team: 10,000,000

     Used to incentivize the team, hire people, etc.
     Term: 25% Lock up for 1 year. 75% Lock up for 2 years
  4. Crowdpooling Launch and Community Incentives: 11,239,862

     10,000,000 during the IEO launch, 1,239,862 for community incentives, airdrop etc..
     Term: Unlocked as needed

Rewards Distribution

Be One is built with the community in mind. Therefore, users will be rewarded by doing things that benefit the overall Be One platform. For example, this can be in providing liquidity, staking tokens or contributing deposits that can be leveraged as part of Be One crypto-to-fiat loans.

Tokens will be issued over 132 weeks (roughly 2.5 years) with a decrease of 4% in emissions week-over-week. Staking on Be One will start a few weeks after the initial launch and is considered Week 1 for the emissions. Emissions will be based on the following schedule:

  • Total Supply: 52,260,137 $BEONE Tokens issued to Be One Users
  • Week 1 will see 2,100,000 $BEONE Tokens issued
  • Reduction of weekly emissions by 4% beyond then
  • 30% of Be One’s profits will be used towards the weekly $BEONE buy-back program, with all buybacks going towards the LP Profit Sharing pool users

$BEONE tokens will be airdropped to users for various activities, specifically:

  1. Crypto Deposits
  2. Liquidity Pools
  3. LP Profit Sharing

DODO Fair Launch Crowdpool Info:

  • Crowd funding form: Fixed Price Crowdpool
  • Crowdpool Fair Launch Date: May 19, 2021
  • Crowdpool Fair Launch Duration : 48 Hours
  • Total number of tokens in the Crowdpool: 10,000,000 $BEONE tokens
  • Total number of tokens for Sale Participants: 5,000,000 $BEONE
  • Crowdpool Token Price: $ 0.50 USDC
  • Token Contract Address: 0x437daacccf7bfafce1ac5828804e2c792242cd16
  • Crowdpool Address: Click here: DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.
  • $BEONE Staking Launch: Few weeks after the fair launch and is considered Week 1 for the emissions


vDODO holders who hold a balance of 10 vDODO or more will be entitled to receive a special BEONE token airdrop. 100,000 $BEONE tokens will be airdropped to eligible vDODO holders, once a snapshot is taken. The $BEONE tokens will be distributed evenly to all eligible vDODO holders. More information on this will be provided.

For more info on the IEO and Tokenomics: Announcing the $BEONE Token. Be One is excited to announce that we… | by Be One | May, 2021 | Medium

Have a wonderful day!

  • The Be One Team