N.Fans DODO BSC IDO - Whitelisting for vDODO Holders


N.Fans (NFS) will be launching a crowdfunding pool on the DODO BSC platform at 20:00 (Singapore time) on Sep 20th, 2021.The proceeds will be used to create a liquidity pool for NFS after the Crowdpooling and users will be able to trade NFS with arbitrary BEP20 tokens on DODO.

If you would like to participate in the Crowdpooling, please fill in the application form below.

Whitelisting Application Form: https://forms.gle/wqBQ8YcHp9sgAthM6

Minimum vDODO Requirement: 10 vDODO

Number of Whitelisted Addresses: 100

Individual Hard Cap: 200 USDT

Please NOTE:

The top 50 applicants with the most vDODO holdings will be automatically added to the whitelist.

You need to hold vDODO token instead of DODO token to qualify this whitelisting application, about vDODO token please visit: What is vDODO? 23

N.Fans (Token: NFS) introduction:

N.Fans is committed to creating a meta-universe with GameFi and well-known animation IPs. The platform integrates celebrity film and television, globally-recognized animation, games, and more; by utilizing smart contract technology to build copyrights that include intellectual property, products, and digital rights. N.Fans realizes non-fungible tokenization (NFT) for such purposes, and uses them to enable the circulation, confirmation and exercising of rights; in order to build a global, player-oriented aggregation trading platform.

Website: www.nfans.io


Telegram: https://t.me/NFansOnline

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFans_official

N.Fans (NFS)Token Contact Address: 0x489af0a587c2be8a54a0b7d6d4d55df5071755e1c5553a48f4991023269ad6b9

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