SIGNIN DODO IDO - whitelist application Open

SIGNIN is coming to DODO!!!
According the recent development of the project and the consideration of the strategy of the whole plan, now SIGNIN will entry to the next step! In few days, we will provide a promising opportunity to the community, who will be deeply joined the project progress.
Now let’s go through the details of the activity.

SIGNIN Public Sale Details
Total allocation: $90,000
Price per token: $0.03 per SIGNIN
Total SIGNIN Tokens available: 3,000,000
Total Seats: 600
Getting Whiteliste
Whitelist open: Saturday 09.18.2021 1PM(UTC)
Whitelist close: Saturday 09.22 .2021 1pm(UTC)

DODOD public offering date: Saturday, 09.25 8AM(UTC)

To whitelist for the SIGNIN DODO public offering, please complete the following:

  1. Like Follow
  2. Retweet, and tag 3 friends
  3. Join SIGNIN telegram Telegram: Contact @signin_art
  4. Write your impression about SIGNIN in telegram
  5. Download the APP and try it
  6. Fill out the whitelist form
  7. App store: ‎signin club on the App Store
  8. Andriod:

SIGNIN is a new trend in the encryption world. Now the team is mainly focusing on various dazzling avatars of the most fashionable style of crypto, and in the future will gradually expand to virtual idols and the game GAMEFI. Currently, SIGNIN Club has been launched in to the global App Store and Google Play. Users can socialize with new friends in the SIGNIN APP, and even receive super promising and charming virtual avatars for free or cheap price.

Early investors: Metaverse Money, LD Capital, Nirvana Capital, LayerX Capital, FBG Capital and other investment institutions.

Seed round Valuation:20,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Offical website:
Auction: SignIn Auction
White Paper:
telegram:Telegram: Contact @signin_art
App store: ‎signin club on the App Store
BSC Contract: 0x86440bcfc74d851b406604d5439592615ccaeb97