Sphere Shares NFT (IDO) 2022/02/14 21:30:38

Welcome to Sphere Shares NFT!

Here we enable companies and investors to come together for successful cooperation. Sphere is an ecosystem which will unite various services from wallets to investment and entertainment digital platforms. Sphere Shares NFT will allow investors to earn on shares of crypto projects by buying NFT and tokens.

Today we happy to annouce launch of our website. Soon our smart contract will be verified and we will add social networks etc.

We start our crowdpool at 2022/02/14 21:30:38 join our project and lets make the feature together!

The uniqueness of the platform is the ability to issue tokenized shares of companies and receive dividend yield from business development. The SPAR token will allow users to issue such assets and purchase them. The main goal of the team is to create an international Robinhood-type investment platform. The platform format will allow it to become a transparent and independent platform.

Welcome big update of our project! you can find out more on our website
https://www.spheredapp.com/ and in our whitepaper https://www.spheredapp.com/_files/ugd/38c656_4b8aed2c75ee4be5a003c0c0f58e7e2d.pdf

Join our community : Telegram: Contact @spheresharesnfteng

The Sphere Shares NFT team has published an update to the prototype platform. NFT sections and samples have been added. The functionality of the shopping cart and the basis of the personal account. Soon integration with other major marketplaces will be added. web3 wallet for storing tokens and NFT as well as internal exchanger.


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NFT selling mechanisms for in-game items of the Sphere Shares NFT platform will be integrated with Steam !

Steam - an online service for digital distribution of computer games and programs, developed and supported by Valve. At the moment the platform has more than 25 million active users.

Sphere Shares NFT will enable the trading of items through a buyer-seller protection system based on smart holdings and NFT certificates.

The transaction will be secured with SPAR tokens at the time of sale and will be a unique NFT - written in blockchain.

The project has announced two main areas for trading items
Dota 2 and CS games

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