Spider token (SPID) will be launched on the DODO BSC platform in the crowdfunding pool, and trading will be open a week later!

Dear DODO & Spider token community users:

Spider Token will launch a crowdfunding pool on the DODO BSC platform at GMT+03:00, June 28, 2021, 07:07, July 7, 07:07, and open the transaction for any BEP20 currency after the end. The fundraising is 200,000,000 SPID.

“Crowdfunding Pool” (crowdfunding) is a liquid issuance method. The project provides a certain amount of tokens, defines the unit price of tokens and crowdfunding, all within the specified time limit, and anyone can recharge and subscribe. Tokens are issued, and then the tokens are distributed according to the amount of income from the user’s recharge. After the crowdfunding period ends, the corresponding liquidity pool will be automatically established and opened for trading.

  1. Crowdfunding pool construction details

Token name: Spider Token(SPID)

Token contract address: [Spider Token(SPID)(Spider token (SPID) Token Tracker | BscScan )

Crowdfunding pool building token index: 1,00,000,000 SPID

Crowdfunding: 200,00,000 SPID

Conversion ratio: 1 SPID = 0.000003USDT

The entry link to participate in the crowdfunding pool building:“DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.
Participation time:

GMT+03:00 will open at 07:07 on June 28, 2021

GMT+03:00 time Ends at 07:07 on July 7, 2021

After the crowdfunding is over, you will receive the sample coins for collection, and the SPID crowdfunding price will open the transaction of any BIP20 currency on the DO platform.

Liquidity protection period: 30 days
Crowdfunding pool construction instructions:

  1. Before and after the crowdfunding pool construction starts, please do not send tokens or recharge to the contract address, and will not be responsible for asset losses;

  2. The crowdfunding preparation is in progress, and the recharge pool can be adjusted at any time before the end;

  3. After the crowdfunding pool construction is over, if more than 100% of the funds participate, the user will also use fundraising to obtain tokens, and the excess funds can be withdrawn proportionally;

  4. After the crowdfunding pool construction is over, the participating funds do not reach 10%, and the user does not participate. If the tokens will be automatically made into the market-making fund pool, the market will be opened.

Note: Since DO uses the PMM algorithm, if the hard cap is not reached, the market can still be opened at the price at the end of the crowdfunding, that is, the initial price is not determined by bilateral assets, and the asset ratio may not be 1:1. With the side of the glue curve, suppose there is a certain amount of buying support, which increases the amount of funds that may require user participation. The price can also be opened at a crowdfunding price, and eventually will have the smallest price, and the user’s participation will be the smallest. The price is pushed to the crowdfunding price.

  1. Participating in crowdfunding to build a pool is not risk-free. DODO does not bear the economic losses caused by factors such as poor project management, additional token issuance, and secondary market smashing. Digital tokens are a high-risk asset. Please be careful of investment risks when participating carefully. Do a good job in the wrong investment behavior and assume responsibility for guarantees and assumptions.
    2. Introduction to Spider Token (SPID)

Project introduction: Spider token is a community-centered, decentralized energy that provides instant rewards to holders. The test phase is completed after the creation of their own decentralized spider web exchange (spider web transaction). Go online in mid-July.
Official website:https://www.spidertoken.online

white paper:https://www.spidertoken.online/css/SPIDER%20TOKEN.pdf

Telegram:Telegram: Contact @SpidertokenEnglish

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spiderstoken?s=09

Our crowdfunding will end soon! You can still buy it now, and Dodo will distribute tokens to you in proportion to your purchase amount!