Introducing the GamyFi (GFX) DVM IDO on DODO Exchange.

Hello CommanDODOs,

GamyFi will be starting a DVM campaign on DODO on March 29th, 12:00 PM UTC. Please see below for more details.

Project Details

Official Website :

Telegram : Telegram: Contact @GamyFi_HQ

Twitter :

Medium :

Discord :

DVM details

Token Name : GamyFi

Token Ticker : GFX

Token Contract Address : 0xe4fa3c576c31696322e8d7165c5965d5a1f6a1a5

DVM token amount : 50,000 GFX

DVM initial price : 1$

DVM Link :

DVM start time : 29th March 12:00 PM UTC

Note : DVM (DODO Vending Machine) is a way to trade tokens or issue new tokens on DODO. A free liquid marker can be created by only a certain amount of tokens instead of 50%/50% deposit of other AMMs.

Additional Notes :

  1. The price will start with initial price, and though the buying activities, price will go up per the Bonding Curve and the funds bought the token will become the buying liquidity of the pool.

  2. A DVM pool is a public pool, which means the liquidity Providers are free to add or remove any liquidity they owned, Including the pool creator.

  3. If there’s not another pool with same trading pair, the price of the DVM pool won’t be lower than the initial price. If the price meet the initial price, that will mean the buying liquidity of the pool is going back to 0 again. (The initial status)

  4. Participating in the DVM IDO is not risk free. DODO is not liable and will not be offering compensations for any asset losses caused by factors such as project mismanagement, arbitrary and/or malicious token minting, and secondary market Manipulation. Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk asset class, so please always proceed with caution and beware of various risks.


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