Tutorial on how to redeem locked MATE tokens

To whom participated in Vmates Crowd Pooling,

Again thank you for being interested in Vmates and becoming our early token holder! You should now receive our special NFT voucher that can be used on the Solv Protocol website. Also, MATE token holders can make their own vouchers and have the special rules set up by themselves.

The following is the vesting dates and tutorial on how to redeem the MATE NFT voucher:

Each unlocking date will be:
Jan 23rd, 2022
Feb 23rd, 2022
Mar 23rd, 2022

To redeem the voucher and claim your locked MATE tokens:

  1. go to Solv Protocol website: https://app.solv.finance/
  2. connect with the wallet you participate in the Crowdpooling
  3. under “Account- My Assets” you can find your special voucher
  4. redeem it when unlock date comes!

Our game will be launched in January! Please join our community and stay tuned for our latest news!

Website: https://www.vmates.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vmates_official
Discord: Vmates Community
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @vmatescommunity