DODO Launches Helmet-BNB Liquidity Mining Campaign on April 23

Hello ComanDODOs,

DODO will be kicking off Helmet/BNB liquidity mining campaign, where the pool’s liquidity providers will be rewarded with DODO tokens.

The details are as follows:

Event Period

Campaign Start Block Number: 6810540 (approximately April 23, 2021 at 4:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore Time))

How to Participate

During the campaign, users who add funds to the HELMET/BNB liquidity pool on the DODO BSC platform will receive DLP tokens, and by staking these DLP tokens users will receive DODO tokens as liquidity mining rewards.

Liquidity Pool Address: 0x9CE69450FDCc3b6058F7c430ef0A8C051b2300c6

Note: Market making and liquidity provision involve risk of loss and are not suitable for every user. The valuation and prices of token assets may fluctuate substantially, and, as a result, users may see profits that are below expectations, or even sustain losses.

A how-to guide to liquidity mining on DODO:

Rewards Distribution

DODO Tokens:

The total value of the mining rewards during the first five days of the campaign will be 27,027 DODO tokens (0.1876 DODO per block) will be up for grabs from April 23 to April 28, 2021 UTC+8. After the first five-days, DODO will continue to re-adjust the reward value.