Hi there the DODOex APP is on Chinese since today - I cant read to find out where to change the language. Is there any update coming - since it is occuring since today

hi just check here

Thanks mate! That was fast! Since your new webdesign, I always have to switch to english version.
But, thank to you, I am able to handle it.

Hi, is it possible to fix the language problem?
At the first access from a non-Chinese country the language is correctly set in ENG but the user visualizes in cinese. This is a big barrier for everyone outside China, mainly because they don’t know how to change language and also because they don’t understand and so they leave.
I would reasonably say that this thing is one of the main reason why Dodo is not as known as it can be.

This problem occurs also if I delete cache and cookies.

Please fix as soon as possible