Cheems is now trading on DODO! Thank you for voting!

We want to appreciate the DODO community for their tremendous support in our last call for Cheems™ to join the DODO raptor program!

We are excited to inform you that the Cheems™ token is now live for trade on DODO! And we have begun our special Trade Mining program.

Get 20 USD / 129 CNY free of charge by being among the first 500,000 unique persons to swap the $chms token at DODO!

Or visit the link:

Don’t forget to custom add the Cheems™ BSC contract address to your wallet 0x8728978ab88c3f19e145c2120ddc9f153a520d32 to help to steer clear of scam tokens claiming to be official Cheems.

Stay tuned for our PALM program in a few days for great rewards. Thank you once again for your votes! We the public have spoken!

We also appeal to @DaiDai and @RadarBear to add a General Information Analytics Page for all token pairs on DODO so we can trade tokens easier from direct links, i’m asking for a page like Dextools or Poocoin.


this Cheems and DODO partnership is a great idea! keep it up!

This looks really good! Looking forward to its success!

Wow amazing… Keep it up

This is so amazing!

this project is so amazing, looking forward for more

Great Project! Looking forward to this!

A promising gem has come. Good luck on that and rooting for its success.

LETS GO CHEEMS. This is really an amazing project.


goodluck for this!

goodluck for this amazing trading!