Whose address is this?

This private address received over 700k of dodo and then mint vdodo. Even a few transactions have been made it can be tracked that these 700k of dodo originally came from the Incentive Program Reserve address 0x4447183c50e82A8b0141718c405381a3b1bad634
This does not sound very right to the dodo community.

Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:. New here, first post that popped up today. So, I was nosey and investigated your findings, just a quick look.:laughing: I noticed it sent USDT to Coopatroopa which I thought was cool.
It began distributing DODO, 307 days ago on the 52nd page of transactions.
Especially sending DODO to bulk sender apps/ contracts. It looks like a merkle airdrop of sorts.
Seems legit at a glance, I am new though, lol. Great to see community members being diligent. That’s awesome! (edit- punctuation)