DODO team provide low benefit to vdodo holder

I think you must provide more benefit to vdodo holder,for now vdodo only receive interest , It’s not fair to vdodo holder , you must serve more privilege to vdodo

  • first serve purchase rights to vdodo for buy NFTs
  • use dodo to buy NFT not BNB

fully agree! we need more benefit

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totally agree.
I’d rather not mint vdodo

hi sommai, I agree with your suggestion, but it is not entirely up to us, the use of BNB to buy is the issuer’s decision, and we are working hard for it.


A great bonus for long VDODO holders would be great, also airdrops of new projects,
not only for the +50vdodo holders

Change from BNB to DODO buying NFTs in next round pls,It’s better for DODO’s ecosystem in long term too. :grin: