Additional Rewards for Long term VDODO holders

Being a long time DODO supporter and VDODO holder, I feel like the VDODO token have not seen any significant upgrades or gaining additional rewards. My proposal is to get more rewards from trades by other users as well based on how long the VDODO holder has been staking. Also, the longer the holder has stake, the lower the exit fees are. For example, the VDODO holder has been staking for 1 year and the exit fees should be cut by say additional 3-5% at a 50% cap withdrawal. 2nd year, another 3-5% at a 50% cap withdrawal and it continues.

Other than that, long term VDODO holders should also get rewards from trades by other users and the rewards are fees from whatever token was swap. At this point, VDODO holders are just bleeding badly whenever the token price dips so low.

Another way to do this is that, set a standard price of say DODO tokens at 1$. if the price drops below 1$, it triggers rewards from other trades and the holder receive what ever token that was traded to the staked address. Once DODO price hits 1$, the rewards stops. This can help further gain traction and maybe provide more users to come in to stake VDODO as there strong benefits to it.


Thank you for your proposal, we are working on it and we are designing a new tokenomic of vDODO, it will increase the use case and practical value of vDODO, and possibly also introduce another form of stake token, please stay tuned. thank you for your long-term support.

Thank you for the reply. Another form of stake token? Meaning VDodo holders will receive additional tokens or do we have to buy even more tokens which i feel the latter will be a big mistake since many people have spend significant amount to support the project. Anyway, can’t wait to see the upgrade. Hopefully it will be one that makes sense and good for the long term holders.

No, holders don’t need to buy more tokens again, all the details are still being discussed, and if it is confirmed, we will issue a proposal or announcement. :sunglasses:

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Hey been months and was hoping to get any update on this new tokenomics for Vdodo holders


Any updates on this? Been months