DIP-11: vDODO Membership Reward Adjustment


vDODO is the proof of membership token in DODO’s tokenomic system. vDODO holders can get dividends paid out from trading fees, vDODO membership rewards, governance rights and crowdpooling/IDO allocations.

DODO’s co-founders have submitted a proposal for the new vDODO tokenomics, and we’re collecting feedback and suggestions from the community about this proposal. You can check it here: https://community.dodoex.io/t/vdodo-tokenomics-design-update-proposal/10326


This DIP proposes to end the double reward period for the current emission of vDODO membership rewards. At the same time, we would decrease the vDODO exit fee cap from 15% to 10%.


For the past year, DODO has provided double rewards for vDODO members. In order to implement the DODO Tokenomics Update plan, we propose to shift the DODO token reward gradually toward the new tokenomics. Governance will become a significant part of the new tokenomic system, so the reward for just holding vDODO will be reduced. More rewards will be shifted to the Membership Points system. You can find the details of the MP system in the proposal on our community forum.

We propose to reduce the vDODO membership rewards from 12 DODO per block to 6 DODO per block. At the same time, we propose to reduce the exit fee cap from 15% to 10%.


  • Approve(reduce vDODO membership rewards to half, decrease the exit fee cap from 15% to 10%)
  • Reject(no change for vDODO membership rewards and the exit fee cap)


Link: Snapshot

Voting Period: March 11, 2022 at 1:00 PM to March 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM SGT