Annual Interest Paid

Hi Guys, my dodo mining says zero interest, is there any apy change lately?

hi lui, the DODO mining is closed, now you can join the vDODO or take a stake in Binance staking, and we will start the DODO mining on BSC soon.

Hi Shawn, I join the vDodo, can you confirm that I’m getting an apy and there will be 15% fee if I unstake my vDodo? Also can you tell where and how often my interests are accredited? Appreciate yr answer or a link.

It’s all switched to vodo, you need to stake there (read the dodonomics before you stake as there is a penalty for early withdrawal), also apy on vdodo and especially referrals do not seem accurate at this time. I would be careful staking until they rectify it as the rewards are dramatically less than stated. I had no issues with regular dodo, worked fine and calculations were accurate, vdodo has some kinks it seems.

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There is also no option to redeem your earnings anymore neither the opt to unstake part of your portfolio; significant limitation.

Thanks for your reply.
Any more info abt penalty fees for early withdrawal?
I was happy to stake dodo, I am staking vdodo now and;
Apy seems too high and very volatile
Penalty fees not clear for withdrawals