Wanted to see if you are allowing staking for dodo currently. I attempted to but was unable to. Am i doing something wrong or are you not staking currently. Any future dates?

hi you can stake DODO in ‘mining’, but I suggest you wait for DODO v2 to go live because this pool will be closed soon. DODO V2 will be launched at the end of this month.

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Thanks so much!


Please allow me to ask for more details?

So I have to stop my current mining, due to the upcoming changes, or will it happen somehow automatically?
And once again my question: how can I transfer Dodo out of the wallet?
I can’t find any transfer to out in wallet address of MetaMask.

I did stake some $ to binance dodo
Not sure which is better to stake or to buy?

hi, Maybe you should add the contract address of this token in MetaMask.

Hi. Yea, this is the way!
Thank you.

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