How to transfer Dodo out of the exchange

Hi there.

How is it possible to transfer Dodo via MetaMask out of the exchange into another wallet?

Thanks for your support.


Your DODO is always tied to your MetaMask wallet. Sounds like you need to better understand ‘claim rewards’ and ‘stake/unstake’ process.

Say you convert ETH to DODO in the exchange and head to mining to stake your DODO to earnrewards.

Time passes

You have 1. unclaimed rewards and 2. staked DODO which are earning your rewards.

To leave DODO exchange so you can use your DODO elsewhere, you must claim your rewards ( using ETH/ gas fees) and you must also unstake your DODO (more gas fees).

You are now out of contract w/ dodo exchange and can transact elsewhere.

V2 DODO will be different, Feb 22.

But understanding this process will serve you well in all DEFI. Good luck.


Thank you for taking time to find some words.

Even as I am used to MetaMask, I was wondering, why I can’t see any of my DODOs mining.
There is no total amount, and MetaMask is also showing Zero.

So I have to take the Gas to Collect and unstake them.
But I am really missing the visible amount.
I will try soon.

Thank you!

Connect your wallet to You will see your dodo. MetaMask doesn’t have the token; hmyoubhave to add ‘ custom token’ to view in metal mask.

MetaMask, zapper finance, trust wallet are all ways to view your tokens and access your tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Not all tokens are inherent Lee viewable in all wallets. That doesn’t mean your tokens are not there. Makes sense?

Thank you. Great help.