How can I buy dodo? And from where?

I tried to buy Dodo but I don’t know from where can I buy it and what are the transactions? Can someone help me please?

If you own ETH and you place your ETH in a non- exchange wallet, you can connect your wallet to where you can exchange your ETH for DODO.

Here’s link where you can create an ETH wallet directly in the blockchain.

Be very careful:

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Hello, welcome here, I hope this tutorial can help you.

You can use app mexc to trade.
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You can use QR code on picture to get app and get 10% trading fee off

Chaopeng launched little miss DoDo this weekend at [edit: h i s exchange,] BinanceSkärmbild 2021-02-24 013323 Steve-Irwin-crocod_2847616b