How do I trade tokens on DODO?

1. Go to . Alternatively, click on the “Exchange” tab on the DODO main page.

2. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right corner.

Please make sure you have enough ETH or BNB in your wallet to pay for gas network fees.

3. Select the token pair you want to trade

You can search for the token symbol (i.e ETH) or contract address in the drop-down box to find the token you want to trade.

4. Enter the amount of the tokens you wish to trade

Approve the token permission first if prompted.

Click on the lock icon to the right side of the token amount field to unlock and confirm the transaction in your wallet pop-up. After the transaction is approved, the authorization is successful. You could start trade once the authorization is done.


5. Confirm Order

Confirm the order in your wallet, and the trade will complete after the transaction is confirmed on-chain.

Filled Orders can be viewed in the “Order History” below the price chart. You could view the transaction history in Etherscan by clicking the small icon to the left side of the order.

6. Trading Settings

a. Gas Price: Click on the settings button to the right side of the Address. You can choose a gas price with a different transaction speed or enter a custom gas price. Note that gas prices will change with the Ethereum network. During peak times, the Ethereum network can be congested, and the gas price will be relatively high. If your gas setting is too low, your trade may fail since it will take a while to process your transaction on-chain.

b. Slippage Tolerance

Click on the settings cog symbol on the top right to adjust your slippage tolerance.

If the liquidity changes, and the price changes rapidly and is outside your offer price by the time your transaction is sent; slippage protection will be triggered, and the transaction will fail. Thus, the gas for this transaction will be consumed. It is recommended to set a higher slippage tolerance when gas price is relatively high and market prices are changing frequently.

If you prefer to complete the transaction and are price insensitive, you can set the slippage slightly higher. If you are price sensitive, you can set the slippage slightly lower.



c. Transaction Deadline

When the time interval between the transaction is sent, and the transaction has been confirmed in blockchain exceeds the transaction deadline, the transaction will not be executed.

For example, the transaction deadline was set to 20 minutes. The user confirms the transaction in their wallet, but the gas price is low. The transaction will pend for 30 minutes before it is confirmed in blockchain. The trade has timed out, and the DODO contract will not execute the trade to avoid any losses to the trader.

d. Expert Mode

If there is a price deviation between the current trading price and the third-party market platform price, an alert will be shown. The reasons for the price deviation may be: a) Less liquidity on chain. b) The platform price is weighted average by multiple exchanges and is updated with a delay.

When the price deviation exceeds 20%, the transaction will not proceed in normal mode. If you still want to trade, you need to turn on expert mode which is strongly recommended for advanced users only.