How to trade NFT Fragments?

1. Go to DODO (

2. Connect your wallet (How to connect to a wallet?)

3. Click on “NFT” → "Trade NFT Fragment”

Use different filters to find the NFT fragments you would like to trade.

Currently, there are 4 different filters on DODO NFT:

  • Popular Fragments: displays NFT fragments by 24-hour fragments trading volume
  • Popular Shop: display all the fragments under a popular shop by 24-hour trading volume
  • Popular Creators: displays all NFT fragments from a creater’s address by 24-hour trading volume
  • Explore: display all NFT fragments by date created from oldest to newest

4. Click on the fragment you would like to trade → Input the amount of tokens you would like to pay → Click “Confirm” → confirm the transaction in your wallet. You can find the fragments you own at “ Fragments” under “My NFT Assets” at your personal center.

5. Buying NFT with Fragments

If you would like to buy NFT with fragments, you can do so by clicking “Buy NFT”. You have the option to buy a specific NFT, or to buy one at random.