How to participate in market making on DODO?

1. Go to Alternatively, click on the “Liquidity” tab on the DODO main page.

2. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right corner

3. Select a token pair you wish to provide market making for

You can search for the cryptocurrency token or contract address in the drop-down box to find the token you want to provide market making for. Since the token symbol is not unique, it is recommended to use the contract address to check you are selecting the right token.

4. Select the pool

Each pool has different models and parameters. You can click the down arrow, and click on the “More” button to see the pool’s parameters. If the existing pools do not meet your needs, you can create as many pools as you require.

5. Add liquidity

Please be careful to distinguish whether the pool is in single-token or standard (double token) mode. The standard mode requires adding both-side assets at a certain rate.

You will need to “approve to spend” it if you use the token for the first time. You could start adding liquidity once the approval to spend is done in your wallet.

Click on the “Add Liquidity” button. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to add. It will succeed after sending the transaction in your wallet, and the transaction is confirmed on-chain.