Incorret APY/Referral calculations, missing rewards check yours!

So staked a decent bit of dodo and had my friends stake as well to split rewards with them since APY seemed high. From just my referral rewards it sts I’m suppose to receive (currently) 414 vdodo/month (was 550+ when the apy was higher) this equates to .55vdodo/hour not even including my base. In actuality i’m only getting .2 vdodo/hour

Even if you include slight fluctuations in the calculation and changes in APY daily this doesn’t account for such a massive difference. Either something is wrong with their internal calculations for this or we’re being purposefully misled. I hope it’s the first. Everyone plz check your vdodo and calculate your rewards and see if it’s accurate. Mostly those who have referrals in place as this is where it seems to really go haywire.

My group probably would have not staked so much if the numbers were accurately represented.

Admin plz clarify what is going on thanks!

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hi, sorry for this, there are problems with vDODO referral rewards and fixed now. please check here for more info.