DODO has passed its first community governance proposal, and the DODO Booster program is on the way!

DIP-1: DODO Booster, DODO’s very first community governance proposal has been passed with a whopping 99.8% support rate, and will soon be implemented by the DODO team.

The DODO Booster program aims to provide well-defined incentives that encourage project teams to launch their project tokens on, or to migrate liquidity for their tokens to the DODO platform.

For each qualified project, its DODO Booster program shall run for four (4) weeks.The DODO team determines each week’s mining reward amount for the project token’s liquidity pool based on the pool’s trading volume for the week prior. More specifically, the higher the trading volume for the liquidity pool for the current week, the more the liquidity mining rewards for the following week.

An in-depth explanation of the DODO Booster program can be found here: DIP-1: DODO Booster


Hello Team, what’s the most compelling reason we can give to Traders and Projects on other platforms to come and try trading on Dodo? I am very keen to know this answer from the core team, and it can be shared widely.

And yes, congrats for getting the first community governance proposal passed. Each step counts!!