DODO team have to do the improvement for VDODO holder

I am Jeong. It is first time to write the feedback to DODO team.

As Vdodo holder, problems are…

  1. high Supply for DODO
    After starting crowdpooling, Supply of dodo increase sharply.
    In result, Exit fee for vdodo increase high also.

  2. low Benefit for vDODO.
    Even I have almost 600 vdodo, I got small airdrop only. (less than $200 for two months)

I think DODO team have to restruct Exit fee and give more benefit for vDODO holder.
We… Vdodo holders are STRONG HOLDERs… deserve to get better benefit.


i’m agree with you.

1 ) Exit fee depends on DODO Loyalty Index (DLI)
DODO Loyalty Index (DLI) = (number of vDODO in circulation * 100) / DODO in circulation.

Exit fee rate formula is

If DLI > 0.5, exit fee rate = 0.05
If DLI < 0.1, exit fee rate = 0.15
If 0.1 < DLI < 0.5, exit fee rate = 0.175 - 0.25*x

  1. Now vDODO Benefits are available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and there is a new Governance proposal.
    DIP-2 Buyback and burning and Trading Fee Reallocation
    vDODO Benefits Now Available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


At present, there is a lot of selling pressure in the secondary market, and the price has been falling. After all, there are a lot of unlocking and output every day. If we reduce the exit costs, I think there will be more selling pressure. People will easily extract them and then sell them, without any deflation effect

I was pointing out about this, exit fee problem etc., already long time ago here…