DODO x Crypterium

Good day, DODO Team.

My name is Nicole, I represent Crypterium and strongly believe that our crypto-banking integration could immensely benefit your business and boost your base and profits.

We could Integrate the wallet capabilities in your product, issue your own VISA debit cards, offer exchange services, deliver lending solutions to your clients, and much more, today.

Crypterium is a crypto banking-as-a-service and already delivers all crypto things to more than 500k users worldwide — wallet, exchange, VISA cards, on/off-ramps, lending, AI price predictions, and more.

  1. We are 100% compliant - UK entity, EU license
  2. We are the only approved VISA Card Manager in the entire crypto industry
  3. We’ve already delivered it to 30+ customers and continue adding one client per week

Our SDK decision already powers top apps on App Store and Google Play.
it is ready to be integrated into your product in a matter of weeks.

Would you be interested in such an integration?

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