Submit your ideas and proposals here

  • I appreciate the efforts of the core team and constantly update the project.

From an investor’s point of view, I have some suggestions as follows:

  • Order book feature is really easy to use, familiar to users.

  • Crowdingpool, create your token should have additional information to provide project information, white paper, twitter, telegram, website… for its creator. It can be said that there is very little information for the user and he can be scammed by that token.

  • Dodo should have a roadmap for everyone to follow (such as cross-chain deployment plan, NFT segmentation… ) with no specific timeline given here.

  • Dodo is focusing on big players and forgetting about retail investors.

  • The app.dodo experience is slow and frustrating.

  • Transaction fee issue is still not effectively handled (DIP 4 - move 5 million DODO to arbitrum)


That’s a great call for developer efforts. I want to learn to develop myself. I bought courses and got too wrapped up on trading. I’m almost ready to learn to code but I know a guy. Doing a token offering is not easy but I’m stating that because I’ve had a utility idea. I’ve been looking for a retail price to make one and I found it with DoDo so I appreciate them for the offering. Do you code?

I wanted to suggest my own that they have an explanation for what helps make a good token offering become effective. I’m just browsing the first forums here.