DODO Community AMA#1

DODO has recently updated its roadmap since the launch of DODO v2. Our CommanDODOs must have many questions to ask.

Therefore, We will launch a FAQ collection event to help the community understand DODO better. Please reply/retweet any questions you want to ask about DODO.

We will select some of the questions and answer them this Thursday. (April 1, 2021 at 4:00PM Singapore Time).


What strategy will you use to beat other DEX platform standing as rivals to you DEX?
And in the next few years what are your hodlers should be expecting from the price of your coin.

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I would like to have more info about this from the roadmap

Partnered up with Wootrade to provide quotes for mainstream assets on BSC with almost ZERO spread, with a small inventory of $100k+

Without trading volume increasing, dodo cannot compete with other dex and the partnership is so important

My question is ;

Is possible to have #DODO crypto wallet APPS
For #IOS and #ANDRIOD???

When dodo bsc staking?

Check this on bsc, we’ll release a detailed report next week. Our market maker partners is providing awesome liquidity and brings a lot trading volume for DODO.

This is a pool with:
over 1000% daily turn over rate
over 300% APY
Single side exposure to LP

We are likely to start wallet development in the fourth quarter of this year. This will be a wallet that relies on next-generation blockchain technology, hidden private keys, high tps, and will significantly lower the barrier to use for users.


vDODO will not be in bsc, but we will do mirroring of vDODO

Great to hear for upcoming great news on #DODO dex
Congrats to the team

  1. Best Price
  2. New Asset Issuance Services
  3. Fast multi-chain Deployment (because DODO only require small amount of money to provide liquidity)
  4. Innovative non-standard asset market

For token holders, you can expect:

  1. Fee Distribution
  2. New Asset Allocation
  3. New Asset Airdrop
  4. Voting
    And we’ll keep adding value to our token. Our interests are aligned. Because assigning value to tokens can leverage the multiplier effect of the secondary market to gain more growth.

Will it be necessary to keep dodo for creating nft?

What Dodo having a big plan for this year?

Thanks so much, I look promising, is there another trading pairs coming soon from the partner?

I appreciate the effort, but two features need most attention is limit order and lending / margin trading.

DODO is the future of DEX

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Hi Jack, I am a new guy here, but experienced futures and crypto trader . If limit order facility is not there, we have not even started in my view.

Not sure why limit order is extremely hard with dex, many try hard but none achieve yet

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Good project!! I hope i won this airdrop