Updating the DODO Roadmap

Dear CommanDODOs,

Since August 2020, DODO has been growing rapidly

  • Daily trading volume surpassed $100M for the first time last month
  • Total volume over $460M last week
  • DODO is now a top 6 DEX

After this DODO v2 official release today, we will continue to expand DODO’s outreach with community growth as our mission.

1. New Asset Issuance

  • :white_check_mark: [DONE] Provide a variety of asset issuance models: Crowdpooling, auction, fixed-price issuance, and customized bonding curve issuance (DVM IDO)
  • :raised_hands: [READY] Whitelisting, hard cap, and vDODO quota functionality

2. Institutional Market Makers On-Chain

  • :raised_hands: [READY] Partnered up with Wootrade to provide quotes for mainstream assets on BSC with almost ZERO spread, with a small inventory of $100k+
  • :writing_hand: [IN PREPARATION] The DODO team has our own market-making strategies and is planning to work with more market makers to explore high-yield opportunities (an on-chain MM fund)

3. NFT Pricing and Marketplace

  • :writing_hand: [IN DEVELOPMENT] Use the PMM algorithm to support the tokenization, securitization, pricing, trading, and buyout of illiquid assets, such as NFTs, in order to establish highly liquid markets - with zero capital requirement

4. Supporting Multiple Blockchains

  • :white_check_mark: [DONE] ETH
  • :white_check_mark: [DONE] BSC
  • :white_check_mark: [DONE] Heco (Huobi Chain)
  • :writing_hand: [IN DEVELOPMENT]:
    - OK Chain
    • Moonbeam
    • Clover
    • Arbitrum
    • Avalanche
    • and more open

These are the four major aspects of DODO’s development strategy. DODO’s core spirit has never changed, however: Only innovations lead to the freedom. Only by keeping an open mind and welcoming change can we continue to strengthen and sustain our ecosystem.

DODO’s vision is not limited to becoming the world’s leading DEX. It will bring fair, free, and accessible financial services to a much wider audience and fulfill the mission of our generation in this revolution for our financial rights.

DODO will become a free flying bird eventually.


Is there a plan to inplement these features:
@ Lending & Borrowing: Lend and borrow BSC and LP tokens - CAKE provides rate discount

@ Margin Trading: Trade BSC tokens with leverage on-chain — periodic CAKE buyback and burn

it is what pancakeswap is going to offer and surely will beat dodo or any dex if they can

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yeah, we have this plan, but we have to build it after the basic functions are stable.

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thanks so much for the reply, really look foward to these features

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is there any news for that? thanks.

This is a really helpful post that explains DODO’s future plans. Did it get posted anywhere else so that outsiders can learn about DODO, such as on Twitter, Telegram or Reddit?

it is on twitter and discord, but we need more marketing and promotion so more people know about dodo. pancakeswap is a clone of uniswap, still have Impairment Loss, dodo offer single coin liquidity providing, but not many people know

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It will be announced soon, it should be exciting :partying_face:

yeah, plz check there.


sure, Do you like trading mining? Trading popular tokens to get DODO, it is also planned.

look foward to that, thanks

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