Lost $38 in ether for a failed transaction??


I just tried to get dodo for 30 usdt.
Transaction cost was high and then transaction failed (TxHash attached).
((DODOV1Proxy04: External Swap execution Failed))

Is it possible to get my ETH back and try again???


Hi, I’m sorry for that. The ETH gas fee is given to the Ethereum miners, so can’t back. maybe you can buy on CEX, we will launch the DODO v2 on BSC soon, It can solve the problem.

This sucks really bad!
Not my fault the transaction didn’t go through!!

I understand your mood, but this fee is not charged by us, it is related to the Ethereum network.

I heard that if you didn’t provide enough gas and the transaction got stucked , you can make a new transaction with like a lot of gas. This could help you.

I will try to find that quote, right away

Edit; It was in this video but it’s not unbelivible that I heard wrong. Anyway…this crypto guy Guy, is a insanely good educator on the subject cryptocurrencies

Edit 2: That part is at the timestamp at 06:45.

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Thanks bro

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