Trading rewards campaign creation tool

As a new token using dodo’s vending machine one of the 1st task you need to be archived is getting your token price listed on dodo and ( if dodo could set up a One-click trading rewards campaign creation tool allowing you to reward people to trade your token for a set period based on your current One-click mining rewards campaign creation tool. This I believe would be of great benefit to all.

Hey, I’ve told the product team about this proposal and they think it’s a good idea and will probably be developed later, thank you for your advice! :muscle:

your welcome, keep up the good work.

Just me thinking out loud ref Trading rewards.


Trader A does 10 trades a $ 1 each his score is 100 (10 * 1)

Trader B does 1 trade for $100 his score is 100 (10 * 1)

Trader C does 20 trades at $6 each his score is 120 (20 * 6)

And so own

If the rewards for that day were say $100 you would divided that by 320 to get 0.3125 rewards for each score.

Trader A Get $0.3125 by 100 = $ 31,25
Trader B Get $0.3125 by 100 = $ 31,25
Trader C Get $0.3125 by 120 = $ 37.50

If you could display beside the pool the awards available per day and the number of trades for that day it would mean on quiet days you earn more.

Ok just how I am thinking I am sure you will have lots of ideas.

Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards