vDODO Benefits Now Available on Huobi ECO (HECO) Chain

Hello CommanDODOs,

Last week, we announced the periodic mirroring of vDODO data from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Today, we are pleased to share that the same will be done for Huobi ECO (HECO) Chain - snapshots of vDODO on-chain data on Ethereum will be periodically taken and mirrored onto HECO Chain.

This is done in order to provide more value to vDODO token holders, as now vDODO holders will enjoy the same benefits on both Ethereum and HECO Chain. Please note that it is currently not possible to mint vDODO tokens on HECO Chain.

More specifically, after the vDODO data has been snapshot and mapped to HECO Chain, vDODO members will be able to enjoy the following additional benefits on HECO Chain:

  1. The ability to participate in Crowdpooling campaigns on HECO Chain that have vDODO whitelisting enabled
  2. The ability to cast popularity votes for Crowdpooling campaigns on HECO Chain and potentially help them to be displayed on the DODO HECO Crowdpooling front page
  3. The ability to participate in exclusive vDODO mining campaigns on HECO Chain. For example, say Project A commences vDODO mining on HECO, then vDODO holders can participate in it and earn Project A tokens by staking their vDODO tokens

The schedule for vDODO HECO On-Chain Snapshots for the next month (May 17, 2021 - June 17, 2021) is as follows:

  1. May 17, 2021, at 3:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore time)
  2. May 24, 2021, at 3:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore time)
  3. May 31, 2021, at 3:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore time)
  4. June 7, 2021, at 3:00PM UTC+8 (Singapore time)

vDODO members are committed supporters of DODO, and the DODO ecosystem will continue to revolve around the vDODO membership system as the most important part of the DODO token economics model. Going forward, vDODO members can expect to receive and be entitled to more benefits, so please stay tuned.

The DODO Team

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i see nothing on DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider. (HECO CHAIN) can you clarify about benefit?