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WHITE PAPER – Carousel Coin

Carousel Coin Token is designed and introduced to coincide with the finance and release of a Hollywood film Based on a True Story. Under real life characters, the world and other aspects from the film and building a parallel-averse NFT.
The sale of tokens will go towards part financing the film and other future Carousel Coin projects. The tremendous publicity generated by the film will in turn create extraordinary growth for the token, including profits from the film being utilized as a buyback program to keep the green candles alight. Since this is a movie based on a true story, the growth will extend over a long period of time as the movie hits theaters.
The film, the Carousel Coin Project and the Blockchain are connected by a common theme in the Crypto world: the exploitation and control of the masses by the 1% and the need for a truly decentralized society (DAO) so that we can be truly free.
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