How much time take to live crowdpooling?

Hello @DODObird @Shawn

We created a crowd pooling contract on Almost 2 hrs done.

how much it will take to live the pool ?


hi, sorry for this, If you created the crowdpooling on BSC network, the biggest possibility is that the data of The Graph is delayed, and it may take some time to wait.

Thanks, @Shawn for your response. is it approve by the admin of

No, it’s permissionless, anyone can create it, we’ve contacted The Graph team and if they help us sync the data, I’ll reply to you if it has done!

Hi @Shawn, Please look into this

hello @Shawn ,

is there any response from your team?

I was hoping it had been fixed but they told me it wasn’t done, any updates I will get back to you immediately.

hello @Shawn ,

thanks now it’s working, One more question. People buy the tokens through crowd pooling. but the Status is not updated. DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.

Hi, now that it’s fixed, you can try again