New tokens CRFI/DODO pool dead? Refund?

Hi all! At last there is ZERO reward in revised pool CRFI\DODO. People lost money. Nobody cares! Who wants adrenalin by waste money into new pools on dodoex?
Wish dodoex to refund losses? No? Still no official statement.

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it is a reply of dodoex admin. Nice, ye?

Olha, as we have told you many times, this is NOT on DODO, CrossFi are completely separate to DODO. When you decide to interact with CrossFI you need to do any due diligence etc. No one forced you to interact with CrossFI. We are sorry this has happened to you but there is nothing we can do here. CrossFI are the ones who have the problem and they need to work with you to fix that.

Thank you and all the best.
Instead of helping to drive CrossFidao into the corner, just - it is not our bisiness! Dodoex obviousely spite on its reputation. Dodoex should warn that they are not responsible for crfi pool.
And now dodoex does not want to help that prooves the one thing only - dodoex and crfi = one scam project