CRFI\DODO pool rug-pulls 8th May 2021

Hi all! All you know what happened on 8 May. Dodoex + crfi let rug-pull or hack of the pool.
CrossFidao official channel ignore all questions completely. Now new pool has got a miserable liquidity - nobody will put money there - what proves that the pool was a trap for investors
What should do people who lost their money by selling crfi that period, just trying to save what has left???

I guess dodoex has to take this problem into account.
Firstly dodoex should put important messages above the pool.
Second: dodoex must warn investors before they put money in that the pool was created by an unofficial person and dodoex bears no responsibility. All official teams who is acting upon dodoex facilities should bear direct responsibility but through dodoex
And last: dodoex must work out an algorithm that would not allow rug-pulls.

All you see DODO\CRFI pool is dead. Nobody will in. Dodoex must meet conclusions