Rug pull

Hello commondodos,
rug pull incidents with his son began to increase.
This sudden I am worried. Latest example: $ PAID network Rug pull event. I believe Dodoex is reliable in this regard. However, an informative article should be written on this subject from a competent person.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Crowdpooling maybe can solve this problem. It has a protection period of 30, 90, and 180 days.

could you kindly explain how protection works? I read many times but still don’t get it

Dear dodo management, I warned you. You said it was about hacking things but safe for crowd sharing. Only 1 day passed and bamm was hacked I realized that in this situation you are not a safe haven. Now I’m parting my ways with the dodo. good luck

Simply put, the project owner cannot withdraw the liquidity tokens within the time limit, and this part of the funds will be locked in a time sequence.

Thanks, I get it now