Depositing Etherium

Hello. This is a very general question

What is the benefit of depositing in the ETHER pool.

I understand mining , APY for the listed pairs. However, what benefit is there of depositing ETHER?

Hi sanjacobo, by providing liquidity on DODO, you may be entitled to DODO rewards, you can deposite ETH in the pool you will get the DLP token, and deposite the DLP token in Mining.

Check more info here: How do I earn DODO rewards by providing liquidity? – DODO



Thanks for answering. I’m new to this; thanks for your time.

Staking seems straight forward. It’s easy to see the staking reward under the mining page, but what is the reward for contributing to the liquidity pool? Or must you first contribute to the liquidity pool and also then stake to earn any reward?

Also I am trying to deposit wCres, FIN and WOO into liquidity pools. I see that there is currently no way to stake these tokens. Is that correct?

Are these pools closed? I’m interested in contributing to the liquidity pools here, and staking, wCres, FIN and WOO.


hi, contribute liquidity for the pool and you can get transaction fees and DLP token, if you stake DLP token to Mining, you will get DODO rewards.

Very happy to hear that you can provide liquidity for FIN, wCRES, WOO. but now all pools closed, you can deposit these coins when DODO V2 goes live. DODO v2 is coming soon, maybe the end of this month.

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Shawn, thanks for answering my questions.

Where should I read to learn more about staking/mining/ earning within the liquidity pool?

Can you please tell me what are the differences between:

Staked DLP
Pool Asset

In this image?

The staked value is your current SNX balance. If you were to withdraw, this is the amount of SNX that you will receive back. The Staked DLP (dodo liquidity provider) is the amount of DLP tokens that you have staked to earn DODO rewards. When you deposited your SNX into the pool, you received SNX DLP tokens which you then stake to earn DODO rewards. Once you are done mining and want to claim your SNX, then you would unstake the DLP tokens, then use those DLP tokens to withdraw from the SNX pool.


Thanks Glenn. Really appreciate the explanation.