Helmet and DODO Mining and Liquidation Announcement

Why can’t I get an airdrop as an investor ??? My vdodos are minted on a trastwallet. And the airdrop was announced only for metamask wallets! Why do you make different wallets, but you carry out the hdodo distribution on only one. Couldn’t you take care of all the vdodo minting participants ??? I cannot transfer my vdodos from one wallet to another. Because the exit fee is 7.5% !!! What were you thinking ???

No airdrops to Old Investors (I did it for 15 Days). Moreover, I first brought up the subject of airdrop :slight_smile:

sir, this has nothing to do with the wallet.

please calm down, follow the same instruction on trustwallet and you will se your hdodo.

what to do with hdodo tokens?